How to Start a Movement

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Chances are there is something you’re really passionate about. For me its work, for you it’s …… The question that I’ve been asking myself lately (and maybe you should too) is “how much do I believe in this subject?” There are a lot of different and maybe even scary things going on in our country right now and a lot of people are looking to our government to solve their problems. Let’s bring it a little closer to home; maybe you’re looking to something or someone else to help you with your problems. Now I understand that there are many hard situations out there that go way beyond what I understand, but I believe we have too many people looking and not enough people LEADING.

Maybe you have been looking when the truth is you should be leading. So let’s get back to that thing that you’re passionate about, we need you to lead us with your passion! If you want to read something that will inspire you and explain this a lot better read “Tribes” by Seth Godin. So if you know right now what your passion is and what you should be leading us in, then I want to give you six points that will help you start your movement:

  • Lead by example: No one will respect a word you’re saying if you’re not already living this out in your life. You’ve heard the expression that actions speak louder than words and we all know that’s so true. You are our leader and we want to know that you’re not a poser!
  • Lead with passion: You should be ready to scream what you’re talking about from the roof tops, shout it in the street. That kind of energy and passion is contagious and if you want to start your movement that passion needs to spread like wildfire. If the passion is not there people won’t believe in your movement because they’ll assume you don’t believe in it.
  • Convince people of the “why”: The best way to get people to join your movement is to show them why they should. When people focus on the “what” and “how” they easily get discouraged and give up. When they can see why they want to join your movement it will give them the proper motivation to push forward and push your movement.
  • Teach them that it starts from the bottom up not the top down. What? Any movement starts with each of us as individuals, a great example of that is what Dave Ramsey is trying to do with his “Great Recovery” project. If we as individuals change what we are doing, then we’ll change the whole system as a whole. If you’re going to start your movement then it has to start with each person.
  • “Put boots to the ground”: If you’re going to start a movement then there has to be a point where you stop talking about it and do it. Just like the first point I made people respect action, so give them some action. If you tell them you’re going to do something then do it, always keep your promises of action and follow through.
  • Don’t give up! Even when it seems like no one else is joining the movement, don’t give up! Even when it seems like no one else is listening, don’t give up! Even when people make fun of you and think it’s ridiculous what you’re doing, DON’T GIVE UP!

It’s time for all of us to wake up and start doing things that we are passionate about, things that matter and will make a difference in this world. As a Christian I believe the Bible and in the book of Acts it talks about the twelve disciples of Jesus. After his death they were hurt and kind of lost but when they saw Him after His resurrection he gave them specific instructions, he started a movement that two thousand years later is still going strong. In the book of Acts we see how twelve men turned the known world upside down with their movement; in the present day I see how that movement has turned my life upside down.

Question: What is the movement you want to start and are passionate about?

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  • Great post. I’m passionate about Gods people taking their stewardship of our country seriously. Our voice and our votes matter…that means we have to be aware of what is transpiring in our nation and get our heads out of the sand. If our nation is going to flourish, we Christians need to be the change we want to see. We need to pray and portray Christ in our everyday lives, not just pay lip service on Sundays. Our government can’t save us, they can guide us, but we real change has to begin with each individual citizen and family.

    • Anonymous

      TC Avey,

      This is such an important issue. Christians need to start taking more responsibility to be stewards of our great country. We should be the ones creating and leading the movement not politics. What do you think the most important thing a Christian can/should do to be a better steward of our country? Thank you for sharing your passions and blogging on this topic at

      • Dan thank you so much for posting a link to my blog.

        You ask a tough yet simple question- we have to be aware of situations occurring and be willing to speak out. While we must keep in mind that we hate the sin and not the sinner, we must stand firm in our convictions and not compromise our beliefs. That sounds easy, but the more aware you are of the movement taking hold of our country the scarier it is to speak out.
        We can’t take the media or politicians at their words, we must look deeper, we must be willing to do the research and delve behind what they are saying, we must question everything and pray about everything. We must STUDY HISTORY and look for patterns in our society. Reading political books is a good start- but be careful of them too.
        Prayer, relying on God and letting him lead is the best we can do. He has many promises for his people and warnings for governments. We must be the change we want to see in Washington (fiscally and morally, we can’t be luke warm). We must love our neighbors, love our enemies while standing firm in our faith. We must vote! I can’t believe the amount of people who don’t vote- especially on smaller issues. Our constitution is a great document, unfortunately we don’t take advantage of its provisions, instead we are allowing it to be attacked.

        Sorry to ramble, but I am passionate about this. I guess to sum it up: Pray and speak out/act how God directs you to. Inform everyone you know about what is going on, they may be the next Churchill, Washington or Reagon- or God may call you.

        • More Christians need passion like this if we’re going to see change, praise the Lord for what you’re doing!

        • Anonymous

          TC Avey,

          I’m glad you did ramble, you shared some very important points. It sounds like the key is to make sure our life and example is lined up with the Word of God and to be more involved in doing the things every American should do, like voting.

          I can say I really enjoy reading your thoughts and insights on this topic. Keep on track with your passions:)

          • Thanks, I really appreciate it. While I love politics and current events, it is not something many people like to listen to. I really do value your comments and support!

            • Anonymous

              Glad we have connected through blogging. Let’s keep writing and sharing the gospel.

    • Thanks TC, you’re so right. We have a pie in the sky attitudes towards alot of political things in our country. We need to pray for a revival in this country, it’s happened before and if we pray and truly believe it will happen again. This country is heading for a collapse, we need some serious prayer!

  • Love the post! I am in the church I am blessed to be the Pastor of starting a push toward mission work. This church has a history of giving money toward mission work but not being active in it themselves. I am passionately pushing them toward local, national, and international mission work. I am setting up opportunities and trips for them to minister on all levels. It is awesome.

    • Anonymous


      I never knew this about you, it’s great learning about your passions and what you do. Both local and international missions is so important when it comes to sharing the gospel. I’m sure you have heard about Equip, John Maxwell’s company which trains leaders internationally, if not or anyone want’s more info here is the link

      I’m sure you read the book of Act’s a lot. Thank you for sharing your passions and work. Do you have a link to your ministry?

    • Thanks Jim. As Christians we don’t put enough emphasis on missions. One of our main purposes on this earth is to spread the gospel, people are dying everyday and going to hell while we wait and not take action. I will be praying for your ministry and that many accept the call to missions!

  • Good stuff, Kimanzi! I want to start a movement to empower and inspire people to be good stewards of their time. And in the process, they realize their real need isn’t productivity but a better understanding of the gospel.

    • Anonymous

      Your doing a great job with your Time Management blog and podcast(!!! You bring a fresh perspective to this topic and know you will add value to millions of people Thank you for being part of this community.

      • He really does have some great insight on his blog, some must read post.

    • Thank you Loren. One of my favorite things that Michael Hyatt says is we need to be intentional with our time. Even when we spend half an hour watching TV versus doing somthing productive or that could change our life is a waste and not being a good steward.

  • Kimanzi – this was a great post! I am passionate about influencing the people we come in contact with everyday, through compassion and love. While I love missions trips and big acts of compassion, I find myself failing in this area in the everyday details. So I am on a mision to inspire people to recognize who God has made them and to challenge them to be a leader right where they are by being an example of kindness, goodness, mercy and love at work, home, church and in the community. This post really inspired me to move forward and continue in action. Thanks!

    • Anonymous


      Since you enjoy missions you might like connecting with Jim F. who is a missions pastor. You can find him through the comment on this post or through his blog at which I highly recommend reading.

      You have such a great passions and desire. Impacting and influencing people on a daily basis to become better and lead better is so important. The characteristics you mentioned are not often taught but are very needed in a leaders life.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts.

    • Thank you Mark. I will definitely pray the Lord gives you strength to accomplish this everyday. I’m glad you could take something away from this post!

  • Great to see you posting on Dan’s site Kimanzi! You’re doing terrific work.

    I would like to start a movement back towards personal responsibility and leading yourself. We often toss all of our faults on others instead of manning up taking responsibility.

    • Anonymous

      You are doing a great job writing about this topic on your blog

      Being able to lead/manage self is so important. This means owning up to our faults, issues, and weaknesses. It’s a much needed topic. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Joe, I really enjoy your blog. Leadership really starts with us, our society has a bad habit of putting things on others, it’s got to stop!

  • Dan, this post is dynamite! Thanks Kimanzi for writing it.

    I am passionate about helping individuals become what God has called them to be! My wife and I have been doing this for the past 12+ years and we stand amazed at the marvelous results.

    • Anonymous

      What an amazing amount of time you and your wife have impacted others. I just want to thank you for staying focused and adding value to so many people. If you have not read Their blog make sure you do, you can find them here

      Thank you for reading and sharing.

      • I’ll be following!

      • Thanks Dan for your encouraging words! Yes, we love doing what God has called us to do.

        • Anonymous

          your welcome. Looking forward to connecting more with you this year.

    • Thank you Dan. Praise the Lord for you and your wife, we need more of that to combat all the garbage in our society today, your blogs looks great and informative!

  • Kimazi, I really enjoyes your post. Inspirational, motivating and honest.
    All your points were sharp.

    • Thanks Marc, that’s our job as writers, right? I appreciate the support!

    • Anonymous

      If you have not read Kimanzi’s blog make sure you do. Thank you for taking the time to read.

  • James


    Nice post and you made some great points. Here are a few that stuck out to me the most…

    “we have too many people looking and not enough people LEADING.” I fully agree with this, the problem is there is a misconception abound of leadership and where it starts. Its easier to look and harder to lead. But as you point out, we all have passions so why not lead in those passions.

    “Teach them that it starts from the bottom up not the top down” I agree with this however there needs to be an aim associated with the movement. Look at the Occupy Wall Street protesters, there is no central aim of what they are trying to achieve. A movements needs a leader to cast the aim( vision) and then the ground troops can deploy.

    “DON’T GIVE UP!” Not much to say here other then yep! :)

    “Lead by example” – There is no other way to lead other than lead by example, I like how you put it first. Passion funnels from leading by example, if a leader is not passionate the followers are in trouble.

    Great post, I enjoyed it and will be checking out your blog soon.


    • Thank you so much for the kind words James, you really added value to the post, great point with the Occupy movement, I couldn’t agree more. I look forward to you visiting my site!

    • Anonymous

      The key is to lead with our passions and strengths. A leader must focus on both while driving the movement to a positive outcome. Thank you for your insightful thoughts.

      What are you passions and dreams?

  • I want to thank Dan black for the amazing opportunity to guest post on this blog. Since I started following this blog a few months ago, I have really been inspired to take my leadership to the next level. I’ve been inspired to the need for leadership and the need for action. I’m also very grateful to get to know some new friends! Thank you so much Dan, you’re welcome on my blog anytime.

    • Anonymous

      It really encourages me to hear how my writing and thoughts have helped you think about leadership more. It was an honor to have you guest post here and what a great topic.

      Looking froward to connecting and learning more from each other this year.

      • With the help of others, we all can start movements that change the world.

  • I like the point that at some point you have to stop talking about it and just do it! Great stuff.

    • Thank you Stephen, I’ve been guilty in the past of nothing but talk, not anymore!

    • Anonymous

      Do you have a project your passionate about that your currently working on which has forced you to stop making lip service and start doing?

      For me I’m starting to write an eBook which has been on my mind for a long time. I finally have stopped saying/thinking I would do it and have started to work on the book.

      • That’s awesome about the eBook, Dan! I can’t wait to hear more about it as it progresses (would love to talk shop with you about this when at some point down the road I start looking into doing the same).

        As far as a passionate project, it’s sort of a multi-tier front. I’d for the longest time talked about keeping up with blogging, talked about making music with my wife, and talked about getting in shape. Something just clicked about this time last year, and my wife and I have spent all of our free time on these endeavors, and have never looked back! I love it.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry for not replying sooner, bust day.

          I’m still working through it but have a good outline and have started the process. It would be great to talk some time about it, let me know when you would like to talk and maybe we can Skype or phone each other.

          It’s great to hear you and your wife are working on the same goals. Two people are better than one:) Keep up the great work on your blog.

        • Congrats to you and your wife, I hope you guys stick with it and are really successful.

  • Good article and all very good points. Especially the “practice what you preach” portion. I believe it is all too easy for people to fall short on that one. I like this site. Even though I am a heathen it still speaks to me. All I have to do is a little trimming of the bible rhetoric and I can still walk away with something.

    • Thanks for the compliment.

    • Anonymous

      Nowwhere Man,
      I’m glad the post was helpful. My desire is to have a blog which no matter a persons faith or lack of faith, they can learn and become better people. My goals is to impact and add value to anyone who will listen. So thank you for stopping by to read and share.

  • AMEN!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kimanzi! God has used you to bless and encourage me today. I have been working on a project that I will un-leash on my blog next week. It is something that I am very passionate about and God has been compelling me to go forward. God bless you for being His Light!

    • Anonymous

      Oh man, a Cliff hanger:)

      I’m so excited for you and am glad your following your passions and have focused on what God is calling you to do. I can’t wait to see what it is!!!

    • Thank you for the kind words and the kind words on my blog. I’ll pray that what you’ve been up to goes well. I’ll be looking!

  • Kimanzi, what a great post you did here. I am in Network Marketing and am building a team of Leaders with all the principles you posted above. Our organization has leaders throughout and trust me there is no one person above the other. Really great post!

    • Anonymous

      Lincoln Parks,
      Glad to hear you have already have these principles working in your organization. What are some benefit you have seen at work in your organization because of these principles?

      • Dan, not all of them are implemented but we are working on a system of implementation. I have seen more people helping others and growing personally realizing its about personal growth and serving others. This has really put us in position for massive growth.

        • Anonymous

          Lincoln Parks,

          At least you are making forward movement on them. Having people around you who are growing and serving make a dynamic combination. Your team culture must be outstanding.

    • Thank you Lincoln, I really appreciate that. That’s awesome that you already have these principles at work, you team will be a step above the rest.

      • Kimanzi, I don’t claim to have all of them down but we are striving to implement them and adhere to them. We are definitely putting these into play. Your post helped allot. Thanks

  • Thanks again for all the kind words from everyone here, it’s humbling to think that anyone likes your work. You can see another guest post that I was able to write this Thursday on the blog of Dan Miller ( This is all a part of starting my movement! I’ve talked about doing things for too long, now it’s all about action! I hope you take action today.

    • Anonymous

      Looking forward to reading your other guest post, keep rocking and moving forward!!!

      • I was off by a week Dan, it’s Thursday the 23rd. Thanks for the kind words

  • Don’t give up! Great advice.

    • Thanks so much David!

    • Anonymous

      Glad you liked Kimanzi’s post.

  • Don’t give up! Great advice.

  • Jejohnson2006

    Well said! And true! Lookers can tend to look at Leaders as odd. Leaders cannot accept the lowest standard of the crowd. Passion and tenacity, as you wrote about, is a great differentiator! Thank s for this post!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. Do you have a website or blog? Looking forward to connecting with you more. Thank you for stopping by.