Jungle Warfare by Christopher A. Cunningham

Jungle Warfare is a great 22-day devotional for Christians in sales. It shows the similarity’s of battle principles to Christians who are in sales. Each chapter has opening scriptures, a battle plan, prayer and a thought to reflect on. This is a small book with huge insights on scriptures, battle plans, and sales. The chapters are full of wisdom and insights.

Some of the chapter titles include: “Open the lines of communication, run into battle, a worthy battalion, and trust the higher commander.” Each chapter is full of biblical and sales principles. The writing and scriptures are well balanced. Every chapter would encourage, uplift and re-energize any person in sales.
I really liked reviewing this book, because it has time tested biblical and sales principles. The writing style is easy to follow and you can read it straight through or in the 22-days. This would be a great gift book or devotional.

I think every leader should know and understand the basics of sales because every leader deals with some type of sales. I have grown through reading this book and believe you would too.

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