Five Essential Questions every Leader needs to Ask Themselves


This is a contributing post by Ralph Mayhew who has been leading people for years and blogs at He loves helping leaders lead better and overcome the obstacles they are facing. He’s also on facebook at and is releasing a new book very soon called The Anonymous Leader – There are five […]

Six Types of Professional Relationships Leaders Have (pt.2)


In Leadership Beyond Reason author John Townsend said, “Life is essentially about relationships, and it is empty without relationships.” In the first part of this series we talked about inner circle members and friends. Two other professional relationships leaders have include supporters and lifters. Let’s now talk about both of those types of relationships. 3. Supporters […]

Six Types of Professional Relationships Leaders Have (pt.1)

Six Types of Professional Relationships Leaders have

I’ve found there are at least six main types of professional relationships a leader has. They are inner circle members, friends, supporters, lifters, acquaintances, and dangers or toxic people. We will discuss each of those types of relationships in depth in this 3 part series. Let’s begin with the first two: 1. Inner Circle Members […]

Five Reasons every Leader should Blog

The value blogging brings to a leader


Every leader should thoughtfully consider being an active blogger (consistently publishing posts). The act of writing and publishing has the potential to benefit yourself and others. Below are five convincing reasons why you should be blogging: 1. You are able to connect with other leaders When you blog your online community of readers will expand […]

4 Ways to Maximize your Driving Time

How to be productive during your commute

Handsome young businessman looks back over his shoulder while in a car. Horizontal shot.

The leaders driving time no longer needs to be unproductive. You can recapture the usually wasted or unproductive time during your driving time. Here are 4 suggestions on how you can maximize your driving time. 1. Personal growth To many times I’ve heard the excuse of not having enough time as the primary reason a […]

Be Outstanding at the Backend of your Leadership Role

busy working

To be a successful leader you must be outstanding with both the frontend and backend of your leadership role. Let’s discuss the functions within those two areas. The frontend of your leadership role is about taking charge, navigating, casting vision, influencing people so they produce results, developing people, building and maintaining relationships, empowering, being a […]

Why The Beginning Stage of Personal Growth is Essential for your Leadership


The main reason I’ve been able to rise into different positions of leadership has been my ongoing desire to learn and grow myself. In The Leadership Mandate I write this about the “beginning” season (stage) of personal growth: This is the first season because a person has to discover or have a revelation about the […]