Three Leadership Conferences Every Christian Leader Should Attend

Top Christian leadership conferences

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Leaders should attend at least one leadership conference every year. Conferences should be a method in your personal growth plan. There are many benefits to attending a leadership conference. The main reasons are sharpening your leadership skills and being around like minded people. Over the years I’ve attended several different conferences. The 3 below are […]

How to Be an Influential Follower (Part 2)

Lead your boss


In the first part of this series we discussed serving and exceeding the expectations of your leader. There are powerful results when you chose to be an influential follower. It not only positively impacts your direct supervisor but those higher in the chain of command. Influencing your boss can allow you to be seen as […]

The Leadership Mandate

The Leadership MandateBook description: Leadership has little to do with a title or position and everything to do with influence. The Leadership Mandate reveals that you (yes, even you) are a leader because to some degree you have influence with those around you. Since you’re a leader, I call you to start taking your influence seriously by developing the leader within you. You will learn about the 10 essential elements of influence. They include:

1. Self-Leadership: To influence people requires leading yourself successfully
2. Thinking: Move yourself above the competition by engaging in thinking
3. Relationship Skills: Relationships are the cornerstone to your life and influence
4. Lifelong Learner: Develop yourself to unlock your potential
5. Strength-Based: Concentrate on your strengths to produce maximum results
6. Communication Skills: Communication skills allow you to extend your reach and share your message
7. Passion: Have your passions the focal point of your life
8. Purpose: Be purpose driven by living out what you have been called to do
9. Personal Vision: Vision is the compass toward a bigger and better future
10. Producer: Producing results positions you toward success and achievement

The book offers practical and foundational principles to help you move toward your maximum leadership potential.

You can purchase my book, The Leadership Mandate as a Kindle version or audio book. Click here to read the book reviews and make your purchase.

Three ways to Increase your Creative Capacity

Become a creative leader


Whether you consider yourself creative or not you should be intentional about increasing your creative capacity. Creativity is about thinking outside the box and expanding your thoughts of how to make thing better and more efficient. Creative leaders create a high amount of winning and innovative ideas, products, and services. Being creative is almost indispensable […]

How to Be an Influential Follower (Part 1)

Lead your boss


No matter your position you likely have a boss or person of authority above you. There is a very small amount of leaders who have no one above them. Formal University President Robert Kelley said, “The reality is that most of us are more often followers than leaders. Even when we have subordinates, we still […]

Why Great Leaders are Uncommon

Great Leaders are Needed

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Author Warren Bennis stated, “We need more than one leader. As never before, we need leaders in all of our organizations and our institutions. We need leaders in every community, corporation, and country.” We need people with official leadership titles and those who rise to the occasion to lead without an official title. More leaders […]

Desire Quotes

The best quotes on desire


Below are a collection of the best quotes about desire. If you sign up to my email list I will send you a PDF copy of Success Quotes, Foundational Elements for Lasting Success and Characteristics and Qualities of a Great Leader: A Quote Book Full of Truth and Wisdom. All you need to do is […]

How to Maximize your Personal Growth Time

Finding time to grow yourself


Re-post from 2013 The most common reason I hear as to why a leader does not invest in personal growth is because they don’t have the time for it. Personal growth does not happen by chance but requires a few key ingredients. Personal growth must be: Prioritized- Turning it into one of your top priorities. […]

Start with You

The first person you should lead

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A leader has several key roles. Some of the most essential include: leading and managing people, casting vision, training and equipping, uniting a team together, delivering results, creating change, and cultivating a positive working environment. There is one quality you need to have if you want to be successful in those roles. The quality is […]