The Value of Remaining Teachable & 4 Practical Ways to Do So

Learning signs

One essential question you need to continually ask yourself is: Are you a Teachable Leader? The answer to this question can greatly determine and impact your future. Your level of success and leadership effectiveness has a higher probability of lasting if you remain teachable. This is why it’s crucial to value and remain teachable. Here […]

5 Signs of a Strong Team Member (What leaders need to look for in a follower)

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Effective leaders place strong team members on their team. They know what Phil Jackson wisely said which is, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Each person on the team can play a significant role when it comes to achieving goals and achieving success. Good […]

What the Best Leaders Know about Relationships


Relationships are inseparable from leadership. The best leaders respect, value, and are grateful for each team member. Whether, they are the star players or not. They understand each person on the team has a direct impact on the overall goals which position them to achieve success. In Laws of Lifetime Growth, the authors wrote: Only […]

Hard Work Quotes

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This is a chapter from my second quote book Success Quotes, Foundational Elements for Lasting Success. This is a vital elements when it comes to being successful in your life and while leading. I will send you a free PDF copy of the book and also my first quote book Characteristics and Qualities of a […]

Three Essential Practices of Effective Church Leaders


When I lived in Portland Oregon (I currently live in San Diego) I served as a volunteer youth leader at the church I attended. During the over 5 years in the leadership position I learned some valuable life and leadership lessons. One of those lessons was learning the practices that, if applied, would allow myself […]

My Top 15 Most Popular Leadership Posts of 2014

#1 Do You Have Sight or Vision? a guest post by Bernard Haynes

#2 4 Benefits of Attending a Leadership Conference

#3 5 Essential Characteristics of Leading

#4 Knowing your Teams Strengths and Weaknesses

#5 Maximizing your Strengths

#6 10 Podcasts Every Leader Should Have on Their Playlist

#7 Why every Great Leader is also a Great Follower

#8 Accountability vs. Responsibility? a guest post by Gordon Tredgold

#9 The Importance of Personal Vision

#10 The Importance of an Inner Circle

#11 The Importance of Rest

#12 Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life

#13 How to be Fully Engaged in Conversations

#14 Team Work Quotes

#15 What the Best Leaders Do Before Bed

Question: What were some of your top posts of 2014?

How to Lead Your Life This Year by Making the Right Choices

Choices of a businessman

repost from January 2014 Everyone wants to have a good year. Making this year your best year ever requires leading your life by managing your choices. This does not happen by chance or accident. It only comes when you consistently make the right choices. Your daily choices will greatly determine your year (Click here to […]

Five Things You Can Do to Boost Your Leadership Skills in 2015


This post is written by Gemma Staples who is a freelance writer. With the time for New Year’s Resolutions fast approaching, it’s tempting to start thinking about the ways you can push yourself forward to grow in the New Year. What will open up new opportunities for you? Here are five easy to implement ideas […]

Leadership Wisdom from My Readers (Pt. 9)

Leadership Wisdom

This series is about sharing the knowledge, thoughts, and wisdom of those who comment on my blog. I’d recommend checking out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5,  Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8 Below is more leadership wisdom from my readers. I hope you enjoy: Ludvig Sunström from “I’ve […]